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SubscriptionTrac - University of Pennsylvania Law Review

The Subscription Tracking application provides tools for monitoring the billing and distribution of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review legal journal. It is designed to provide a user-friendly means of entering and storing subscription data, as well as generating high quality invoices and reports from the stored information.

The Subscription Tracking application allows you to manage subscriptions using the following tools:

Subscriber View

  • add, search and edit subscriber information.
  • enter or adjust the issues that the subscriber is to receive.
  • view billing history (for a particular subscriber).
  • enter a payments, generate invoices (for a particular subscriber).

Payment View

  • enter payments received (check number, date and amount) from agency or subscriber.
  • apply the payment against particular transactions.
  • automatically generate a credit for overpayments.

Invoice View

  • generate invoices for one or all subcribers (one invoice per subscriber).
  • generate an invoice or a prebilling statement for one agency or all agencies (one invoice per agency).

Agency View

  • add, delete, edit and search for agencies.
  • view all subcribers being serviced by a particular agency.
  • view billing history (for a particular agency).

Custom Reports

  • select criteria for various reports.
  • generate labels, form letters, subscription summary (listing of subscription transactions) and billing summary (listing of billing transactions).


  • manage inventory by adding new issues and volumes, generate a file of all subcribers receiving a particular issue (printer file).
  • effect an agency taking over another agency and automatically ajust subscription information accordingly.
  • archive transactions (billing and subscription) by date.
  • change or add new subscription rates and zip code associations.

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