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Providing Customized Services To Meet Your Company’s Technology Needs

From application and web development to employee training, Compu-Tutor Inc. offers a full range of services designed to satisfy your company’s specific information technology needs. Our integrated approach enables us to develop customized business solutions within your company’s existing technology platforms.

Compu-Tutor offers expert training in all Microsoft, Oracle, and ACT! products, as well as courses in Databases, Web Development, Project Management, Programming, Business Diagrams and much more. We can provide training in a classroom setting or at your facility using either standard training materials or a customized curriculum tailored to match your company’s specific needs and using actual work-related examples and files. Our flexibility ensures that your employees will acquire the knowledge they need to perform more efficiently.

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Are you having problems with your ACT Database?

Call us today. We can fix your ACT Database problems regardless of your location or version. We can also help you properly install and quickly learn the latest. Click here for Training!

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Database Design
We create and support job-specific database applications for a wide range of businesses. Click here to see an application developed for Hilton Hotels.

Web Design
We develop interactive database-enabled web reporting information systems and provide secure real time access to information.