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Compu-Tutor - Office 2010 New Features

Microsoft Office 2010 New Features

Course Outline

This course will introduce you to the components of the Office 2010 user interface as well as the new features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Getting Started with the User Interface
Introducing the 2010 Microsoft Office User Interface
Exploring Backstage View - The File Tab
Working with the Ribbon
Customizing the Ribbon
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Working with the Status Bar
Using the Mini Toolbar
Working with Galleries and Live Preview
Using Paste with Live Preview
Working with Print Preview and Print
Using Keyboard Shortcuts

What's New in Word
Introducing the Word 2010 Ribbon Tabs
Working with Building Blocks
Customizing Building Blocks
Using the Building Blocks Organizer
Using Document Themes
Working with Text Effects and Formatting Options
Using the Navigation Pane
Comparing Document Versions
About New Spelling Checker Features

What's New in Excel
Introducing the Excel 2010 Ribbon Tabs
Working with Cell Styles
Working with Excel Tables
Applying Conditional Formatting
Working with Excel Charts
Creating a Sparkline
Creating and Formatting PivotTables
Creating a Slicer
Working with Range Names
Working in Page Layout View
More New Features in Excel

What's New in PowerPoint
Introducing the PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon Tabs
Working with Text
Applying Text Effects
Creating a Custom Slide Layout
Working with Pictures
Creating a SmartArt Graphic
Working with the Transitions Tab
Working with the Animations Tab
Working with Audio and Video
More New Features in PowerPoint

Working with Office 2010 Documents and File Types
Understanding Office 2010 File Formats
Sharing Files Between Versions of Office
Inspecting a Document
Creating a PDF File in Office 2010
Working with the AutoRecover Feature
More New Features for Working with Office 2010 Files

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