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Microsoft Office 97 to Office XP: New Features

Crystal Reports 2011: Level 2


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

                 create automatic and manual running totals.

                 work with cross-tab reports.

                 add subreports.

                 create drill-downs in a report.

                 use SQL statements in report processing.

                 create complex formulas.

                 add charts to reports.

                 enhance report functionality.


Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Running Totals

Topic 1A: Create a Running Total Field

Topic 1B: Modify a Running Total Field

Topic 1C: Create a Manual Running Total

Lesson 2: Working with Cross-Tabs

Topic 2A: Create a Cross-Tab Report

Topic 2B: Format a Cross-Tab Report

Topic 2C: Create Groups in Cross-Tab Reports

Lesson 3: Adding Subreports

Topic 3A: Insert a Subreport

Topic 3B: Edit a Subreport

Topic 3C: Share Variables

Lesson 4: Creating Drill-Downs in a Report

Topic 4A: Create a Drill-Down

Topic 4B: Create Headings for Drill-Down Data

Lesson 5: Using SQL Statements in Report Processing

Topic 5A: Create a Report Using SQL Queries

Topic 5B: Summarize Report Data

Topic 5C: Create Joins Using SQL

Topic 5D: Create Subqueries

Topic 5E: Create a SQL Expression Field

Lesson 6: Creating Complex Formulas

Topic 6A: Work with Loops

Topic 6B: Work with Arrays

Lesson 7: Adding Charts to Reports

Topic 7A: Create Charts

Topic 7B: Create a Chart with a Drill-Down

Topic 7C: Create a Top N Chart

Topic 7D: Create a Cross-Tab Chart

Topic 7E: Create Charts for Grouped Data

Topic 7F: Format a Chart

Topic 7G: Create a Chart Template

Lesson 8: Enhancing Report Functionality

Topic 8A: Organize Data Based on a Hierarchy

Topic 8B: Create a Dynamic Image

Topic 8C: Create a Report Alert

Topic 8D: Create a Geographic Map



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