Oracle 2005 Course Offerings

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    Training On ORACLE Products

    Outlines contain:

    • Course Description
    • Course Duration
    • Course Objectives
    • Intended Audience
    • Prerequisites
    • Topic Outline


    Course Title Cse Nr Days
    Introduction to Oracle10g O10INTRO 5
    Oracle10g SQL Programming O10SQL 3
    Oracle10g PL/SQL Programming O10PLSQL 2
    Oracle10g for Database Administrators O10DBA 5
    Oracle10g New Features for Administrators O10NFA 5
    Introduction to Oracle9i O9INTRO 5
    Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals I O9DBA 5
    Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals II O9DBA2 5
    Introduction to Oracle9i SQL Programming O9SQLINTRO 3
    Oracle9i Advanced SQL Programming O9SQLADV 2
    Oracle9i SQL Programming O9SQL 5
    Introduction to Oracle9i PL/SQL Programming O9PLINTRO 2
    Oracle9i Advanced PL/SQL Programming O9PLADV 3
    Oracle9i PL/SQL Programming O9PLSQL 5
    ADO.NET Using Oracle and C# OI-ADOORAC 3
    Oracle Applications Using ADO.NET and C# OI-ORAADOC 5


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